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Twiga is Swahili for Giraffe. This is for all of our fans everywhere and anywhere who want to keep abreast with our activities. Just like the 'Twiga' you probably will be observing us from afar as you have your hands full already. But Sote Hub has you in mind. You won't miss a thing and we will deliver you real info as it happens. Once in a while you can drop in to catch up with us or attend the many events. This membership is FREE but remember you can always upgrade with your situation.


Tausi is that elegant bird walking across the Africa Savannah plains. Tausi is the Swahili version for Peacock. This membership plan is for the guys who are ready to put on the show but we have to work on your steps. Brilliant minds, brilliant ideas in need of incubation. You may also not have the big budget to start off and want to be flexible also on your coming days at the hub. We want to provide you the opportunity to meet and connect with other founders, learn from them and give to the world that awesome product. You will pay Ksh. 2,000 a month.


There are these stories that elephants don't eat peanuts and they can't jump! Well, perhaps it may interest you that Sote Hub is only 8km from Tsavo East National Park, which hosts Kenya's largest concentration of these pachyderms. So you probably don't get a better place to catch them other than here. But these guys are gentle, cool, love their space sometimes, confident and at times, set the pace for the rest.This membership plan is for those whose idea has been tested and works. You are probably looking for a place to launch your scale up at reasonable pace while benefitting from the advisory that only Sote Hub can offer. You will pay Ksh. 4,000 per month.