A mobile and web application platform conveying relevant info to help curb cases of Gender Based Violence, early childhood marriages, child labor affecting school going girls in informal urban settlements and rural areas. Victims can report directly to authorities.

Co-founders from Voi Girls

A device that relays early warning system before disaster strikes for example it can prevent the recent tragedy where Solai Dam burst its banks killing over 45 people. The alert is relayed to communities and authorities.

Co-founders from Murray Girls

Microchips with system integrations, that relays info on location of rhinos helping avert poaching and minimizing human wildlife conflict with a conservation inclination, the team is hoping to save rare rhinos. Kenya has less than 750 black rhinos today.

Co-founders from Mwakitawa Girls

A Project hoping to solve mobile reception by boosting signals especially in rural set ups using cost effective technologies. This will open rural areas to the world and enhance commerce.

Co-founders from Kasigau Girls

Maternal health solution especially for rural women. The App/USSD solution relays timely info about development of the baby, doctor’s appointment, pre and ante natal care tips.

Co-founders from Buguta Secondary

Smart self-regulated green house with several auto features (lighting, cooling, watering, and security). Makes farming cool, reduces costs of production and increase yield.

Co-founders from Moi High Boys

An elephant sensor that alerts Kenya Wildlife Service to respond whenever elephants stray into homes, villages and farms. This team were already this year winners of Diamond StartUp Africa Challenge and had a trip to the USA.

Co-founders from Kajire Secondary.