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Lucia Muthoni

Lucia is a demonstration of the journey of Sote ICT projects. Right from Murray Girls High School where she was the President of Murray Girls IT Club, a platform she used to offer strong leadership influencing hundreds of girls to join the club and create impact. Today as Program Assistant, Lucia has not lost focus …

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Lawrence Muema

An energetic innovative individual. A proactive – progressive learner whose been able to acquire a degree in computer science, is a certified AWS solutions architect and a power BI enthusiast. Professionalism is a virtue he upholds as well as respect to his work and clients. He can learn/understand almost anything apart from driving a manual …

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Mejumaa Bakari

A warm personality, skilled at prioritizing and completing tasks. Mejuma has had the opportunity to work under Sote Hub for over 2 years, she has grown professionally and currently works under the finance and administrative wing to ensure the company’s smooth operation. – She would love to visit a country that serves chocolate all day.

Grace Aluora

Grace Aluora is a dedicated Finance and Administrative Professional with over 8 years work experience. Her dedication and scrutiny is unmatched. – She believes you can acquire anything you need, just have a receipt.

Ogalo Baka

Ogalo Baka is an agronomist with over six solid years in practice. He currently provides lead in implementation of the AgriFi project alongside other duties. He has worked in Agricultural education sector for over 8 years. He holds master’s degree in Agronomy from Pwani University-Kenya. His areas of interest include post-harvest losses and management, soil …

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Kenneth Njihia

Kenneth Njihia is a devotated individual with a resume of successful projects. His drive is to contribute to the success of people who wish to start their business from idea stage by helping them to recognize their potential, become equipped with skills to face the challenges in business as well as working towards the empowerment …

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Alvin Chole

Currently overseeing programs design and Implementation, amongst other duties, Alvin works with the rest of the team to ensure successful implementation of our projects. He has worked in the development sector for over 8 years. Alvin is passionate about empowering young people and mentoring them to become responsible and fulfilled adults, both economically and spiritually. …

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Ivana Ulicna

Ivana works tirelessly to strengthen the cooperation between Kenya and Slovakia schools organizing exchange trips and semester activities. Under her efforts, 20 Kenyan teachers and 5 startup members have travelled to Slovakia to business academies and tech hubs for educational exchanges. Ivana holds an Msc. in Political Research from Huddersfield University, UK. She was one …

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David Ogiga

Currently leading the expansion and operations at Sote Hub, David has over fifteen years working in social and change programs in African Education and Conservation. Previously Director Kasigau Wildlife Trust and Programs Officer, International Fund for Animal Welfare. David has extensive training and practice in Social Entrepreneurship, Business Planning and Consulting, Fundraising and Community relations. …

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