The Problem

In Ouagadougou, the increasing urbanization is leading to increasing urban poverty, polluted environment, growing food insecurity and malnutrition and difficulties to access to land.

What we are doing

Through COOPEN, we are introducing Hydroponic farming as a small-scale business idea for improving food supply, health conditions, local economy and environmental sustainability altogether for group of 30 women.

The target women groups will grow indigenous varieties of vegetables in the eco-friendly greenhouses, for nutrition, income diversification and development of new skills. Marginalized single mothers and families in need will be given the opportunity to be involved in the project, facilitating their access to productive resources and business opportunities.

Sote Hub will support CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture) in developing a solid business and action plan for implementing the innovation in Burkina Faso and in establishing the needed networks and linkages to strengthen the innovation replicability and scalability.

Who are we working with