Go Blue

What we are doing

The overall objective of the EU Action is to contribute to coastal economic development in an inclusive, integrated, participatory and sustainable manner. The specific objective of the  GIZ engagement is to strengthen inclusive and sustainable blue economy value chains through skills development and matching, and value chain development.  

Implemented by Sote Hub, the project specializes in blue value chains with high potential impact on job creation, such as aquaculture, tourism (hospitality), boat repair services (e.g., welding, mechanic, etc.), fish handling and processing, maritime security, transport &  logistics (e.g., clearance officers). The core focus is to support 200 MSMEs to improve their competitiveness through ups killing and up scaling in the selected blue value chains. Services include enterprise development, HR, marketing, innovations, tendering and procurement, value addition and productivity, business planning, financial literacy,  compliance, among others.  

Who are we working with