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Getting solutions to your Operational, Human Resource and IT challenges should not be difficult.


Sote Hub Consulting

We are Sote Consulting, your one stop center for business research, software solutions, recruitment and specialized personnel training.

Our software developers have experience in ERP, hospital systems, HR, accounting, supply chains, and eLearning.

We also provide intensive and effective training in digital skills, entrepreneurship and work skills for groups or individuals, and customized consulting for teams.  

We also offer effective corporate collaboration with schools and access to skilled and motivated students. Your company can help support the creation of student practice companies that will bear your name and promote your products and services. Students at practice companies learn digital skills, entrepreneurship and work skills and join competitions and trade fairs where your company can gain publicity.


We have a dedicated team of experts with considerable experience in IT and business education, project management, finance, environment, water, health, agribusiness, software engineering, 3D printing and digital fabrication, philanthropy, public sector and county government.
We provide a full range of consultancy services and a tailor-made support of our dedicated team to help take the hassles out of your projects. Each assignment is customized individually to the client, their corporate culture, unique financial requirements and time constrains, to ensure great results.


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