Establishing Sote Fund

An initiative of Sote Hub, Sote Fund is an investment vehicle for viable startups coming through our pipeline work that has so far impacted over 10,000 students from universities, colleges, and high schools and out of school youth and incubated 40 startups. The greatest challenge for Kenyan startups today is how to access the funding needed for that early stage crucial for R&D, recruitment of paying customers, and to get their products to the next level. Commercial banks and financial institutions consider them high risk as they lack collateral.

Sote Fund got a boost through a seed funding by the Huntermann Family from Bremen, Germany. Already 3 startups have been on boarded onto what will become yearlong mentorship and financial support and with additional to be in 2021. The three first cohort include;

Afya Boost, UDTech Farm System and Ndovu Care

UD Tech Farm systems

Device to test soil PH and nutrient analysis, Auto irrigation management system. Useful for rural farmers who suffer from crop loss yearly due to poor soils and inability to find out soil chemistry as current systems very expensive and only available in towns.

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Ndovu Care

Elephant warning system using IoT to prevent poaching and human-elephant conflicts in national parks and reserves