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We are humbly pleased to have impacted over 500 entrepreneurs as well as incubating a number of startups. Here are some of our memorable MSMEs & Startups.

Blue Economy MSMEs

Approx. MSMEs

Crab Shack Dabaso Restaurant

Dickson Mizinga
Malindi, Kilifi- A 200M boardwalk, ushers you to a serenic floating restaurant with panoramic views of Mida Creek, Watamu. Run by Dabaso Creek Conservation Group, The restaurant offers quality locally sourced fresh fish, prawns and crabs among others. All income go torward conservation project.

Gazi women mangrove boardwalk

Mwatime Hamadi
Diani, Kwale- Female led eco tourism project in Diani with seminar facilities, mangrove conservation programs and a 450m boardwalk that takes into the nature and wonders of Kenya's South Coast.

Dembwa Bodaboda self help Group

Harrison Maghanga
Taita Taveta
Taita Taveta- Youth led aquaculture group in Taita Taveta owning and operating 3 fish ponds from where they supply local population and hotels with fresh tilapia.

Kibuyuni seaweed farmers

Ussi Bakari
Kibuyuni, Kwale- Kibuyuni Sea weed group export to France and other countries from where it used in cosmetics, fish feed and fertiliser. The group of 300 members with 80% women further adds value to the seaweed making array of natural and scented soaps, shampoo, livestock feed, fertiliser & detergents.

Sea Front Cafe

Mohammed Miji
Lamu-Standing majestically at the habour-side, you can't miss visiting Swahili "Seafront Cafe". Here, you will be served Swahili & ocean delicacies with a choice of fresh lobsters, octopus, crabs and squid. The team also offers tour guiding services and deep sea trips.

Millu Fish Shop

Yunus Omar
Kilifi- Ever find yourself in Kilifi and in need of a fresh sea fish, then, Millu's shop is the place. They operate fleet of boats directly employing many supplying fish to local market as well as some of the famous Mombasa hotels . The stock include Tangu, Kingfish, Jodari, Kamba.

Petleys Inn

Teresia Muthoni
Lamu-Petley’s Inn is one of the oldest hotels in East Africa dating back to over 170 years ago. The hotel is set in a blend of Arabic and Swahili style providing accommodation and refreshments. A night here with the view of the sea is a dream come true.

Kipini Fishermen Association

Awadh Mbarak hassan
Tana River
Tana River- Reknown youth group in fish handling. They also provide boat transport and security beach patrol.

Yusuf Ali seafood

Yusuf Ali
Kilifi-A Bsc. Science graduate Yusuf has run his trade for over 20 years. Yusuf employs 20 youth directly and 50 women fish retailers indirectly. Yusuf also sells to known big hotels including Whitesands and Mnarani Club.

Delter Fishers cooperative society

Swaleh mohammed
Tana River
Tana River- The cooperative process raw fish, preserve and sell to the communities of Minjina and Hola. The group has a strong culture and is really a keen on quality and good customer service in all their products.

Tuna women Fisheries group

Saida Azwadi
Tana River
Tana River- A women livelihood group in Hola Tana River retailing and supplying fish to local market and hotel chains. This groups has value addition in form og filleting and cold storage thereby enabling access high end markets.

Lamu youth self Help group

Yasir Jamal Mohammed
Lamu- The youthful group buys fish from fishermen, they supply to the Amu Hotels and market. The group largely deals with prawns, lobster, octopus and crabs.

Green Economy MSMEs

Approx. MSMEs

Dreamdoers Investments Ltd.

Victor Nyamawi
Kilifi- Dreamdoers has tapped into the potential of an algae, "AZOLLA" producing fish, poultry & livestock feed. The organic product easens the burden of farmers as feeds are expensive and bottleneck in either fish farming, poultry or livestock.

Rhodes Holdings Ltd.

Samuel Njoroge
Taita Taveta
Taita Taveta- Launched in 2015, the company focus on renewable solar energy in cooking & lighting. Solar power is their manifesto.

Kayafungo Honey Harvesters

Clarice Amani
Kilifi-Kaya Fungo in in Beekeeping business, trading in honey and honey products. Bees are useful for pollination and maintaining biodiversity.

Chawia Butterflies

Amos Mwamburi
Taita Taveta
Taita Taveta- They rear butterfly pupae. The butterflies lay eggs which hatch into larvae that turn to pupae which are then sold. The group creates awareness about forest conservation.

Renman Africa

Emmanuel Munia
Kilifi-A manufacturer of cassava-based products with the goal to bridge the gap between small-holder farmers and other industrial companies. The flour is grown organically and sourced from over 6000 farmers in Kilifi & Western Kenya.

Flemibriqs Enterprise

Simon Kupalia
They manufactures fuel briquettes from coconut shells as a means to create sustainable heat energy fuels. This is with the intent to conserve the environment by reducing deforestation.

Tujay Mushroom

Juma Salim
Kilifi-They grow fresh, organic mushrooms, low calorie sources of fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

Pillars Care Foundation.

Doline Okoth
Taita Taveta
They help women and youths to come up with kitchen sacks and container gardening. They use smart agricultural techniques in the form of plastic containers and sacks as a way of recycling and maintaining soil fertility.


Afya Boost

This is a nutritional company that provides an alternative innovative fortified flour.


A platform that revolutionizes the way students learn and study for their exams. They offer content approved by the Ministry of Education.


An E-shop that redesigns, customizes and brands your regular clothes into an amazing outfit to your tastes and preference.

UD Tech

A highschool innovative idea that saw the light of a gadget that could test soil fertility and give notifications.


Recycles e-waste into functional electronic products. Three key products; motorcycle tracker, power bank and hard drives. The trackers relays real time info to owners on speed, location and useful in case of theft and loss.


Synnefa is an agri-tech startup aiming at the development of a low- cost greenhouse micro-climate
management system called Farmshield.

Gene Plus

They are developing and rolling out a fully
functional livestock traceability solution using a mixture of IoT embedded devices, blockchain, analytics and farm management software platforms.


An innovative idea to curb elephant destruction to farms. The device holds a motion sensor and a siren to scare off elephants while notifying residents.


They tapped into the power of 3D Printing which is used to remodel cultural fashions and designs..


They analyzing the current trends of the target market and create very simple and customized IT & business strategy solutions.

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