Partner up with Nestle Hatcher

Do you have a mobile phone-based Commerce solution that can help clients access products and services? Nestle Hatcher is looking for you.

This opportunity is open to all startups in the following categories

  • Mobile Commerce integration solution
  • Payment Solutions
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Loyalty/ Rewards Program:

Successful candidates will be those that are innovative, increase brand engagement and integrate with existing Nestlé products, focus on creating richer brand experience across both Feature phones and Smartphones. The solution will unveil service layer opportunities, as well as increase product accessibility using mobile commerce. Among others, the solution should position Nestlé as a leader in the category. Furthermore, consumer adoption and usage over the test period should be quantifiable.

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You can use this PDF to guide you on the process

The Deadline for the application is 22nd July 2021.