Marvelous Art Association Training Company started in 2013 by students from Kajire Girls High School. The company deals with fashion arts and designs, bead work, basketry, calligraphy and painting. It has 60 members and Mr. Ezra Abuga is the patron. A vibrant practice company, Marvelous has created and maintained several partnerships including with University of Huddersfield, Andy Group from Slovakia, Eco-pik from South Korea, Kenslov from Mwambiti boy’s high school, and Mshindi KCB from Marungu secondary school.

Presents Won 2015-2017: Best Presentation, Best Innovative Marketing, Best Products.


Classic Practice Company at Kajire takes amazing photos and video editing. Composed of 40 members who meet twice a week to enhance their photographic skills. The Patron is Ezra Abuga and the company has partnership with Mshindi KCB from Marungu Secondary School and Levice Business Academy in Slovakia.

Awards Won: Best Stall Display during 2015 Trade Fair.


KENSLOV is an abbreviation for Kenya Slovakia and was coined to celebrate the warm cooperation and partnership between students in Kenya and Slovakia. KenSlov sister company in Slovakia is known as SlovKen at Levice Business Academy. The two sister companies have amazing exchange programs and in a year, organize for joint skypes, projects and various mutual exchanges. KenSlov is in Mwambiti Boys and mentors young talents on arts and entertainment. The patron is Mr. David Abok. Mwambiti Boy Secondary School is located in a rural area of Voi district, surrounded by bushes and mountains, with good connection to a nearby highway. The closest neighbor is Kajire Girl High School. Company established: January 2013 Business Subject: Production of accessories, film shooting and editing, exporting Bata Safari Shoes to Slovakia Departments: Directorate, Financial Department, Marketing Department, Customer Relations, Human Resources, Production Department.

Award Won: Winner Best Business Documentation, Trade Fair 2017.


Fruitco was founded in Mwakitawa Girls High school, under the mentorship of Mr. David Lemera. The company makes fresh juice and beverages, using local available Matomoko fruit. Have a membership of 100 students and partners with Invest Taita from PJ Mwangola and Bonjus SRO from Slovakia.

Award: The most innovative business idea in 2016 Trade Fair


Meet Mshindi KCB from Marungu secondary school located in Marungu along Voi – Mombasa Road. Mshindi are the banking partner to all the practice companies in the project under mentorship of their real partner Kenya Commercial Bank. The company encourages the other students and companies to save and borrow money to grow their business using an online virtual bank system. Mshindi KCB partners with Levice Business Academy, Kompass SLK in Slovakia, Korean PEN, An academy in Israel and Gut Spascher Sand in Germany

You need to meet their patron Mr. Herman Mwalukuku full of energy, creative and who single handedly continues to inspire and mentor the students to great heights.

Awards Won: Most innovative practice company in 2015 and in 2016 respectively


This is a practice enterprise from Voi girls high school located in Voi town, Taita Taveta County

The company deals with Music production using traditional music instruments, they also recycle plastic waste to make ornaments and other decorating materials. The company was established in the year 2014 and still runs up to date. The patron in charge is called Duncan Mwashighadi. Currently the group is partnering with a school from Slovakia known as the Coffee Roasting Company that uses coffee to make various beverages and sweets. The CEO Fadia Jamal was last year’s number three in the Ambassadors for change student’s competition winner and was lucky enough to win a trip to the Slovak embassy in Nairobi.