Sikia Hearing Aid

A low-cost hearing device that amplifies sound hence aiding deaf people hear and communicate back.

From Waste to Gold

Use of brine (salt-water) to step down the electricity consumption/voltage by upto 50% The innovation will boost employment for young people as it reduces cost of doing business

UNU Bank

A microfinance innovation targeting women and youth in rural areas, offering affordable lending services through mobile technology with milestone based customer advisory.

Physics Testing Kit

Advanced teaching aid that makes it easy to understand complex concepts in waves, optics, light and electricity Makes study of physics more practical and hands on, enjoyable and helps change notion of students that Physics is difficult. It’s also a handy solution to schools who lack materials and cannot afford to purchase. Already patented.

Ukulima Digitech

Smart kit that measures soil pH, nutrient and moisture level and send real time sms notification with results. Farmer does need to visit laboratories for soil testing.


Industrial prototype that converts the plastic waste into petrol and kerosene. Solves the plastic menace at the same time making the two vital fuel sources affordable to majority of the poor

Water Detector

This is a Gadget that is fitted with Sensor Technology able to detect a big change in composition of water.

Okoa Rhino

Rhino Tracker Kit with the following features: Embedded chip on rhino for tracking and can sense the animal behaviour GPS-enabled cameras and smartphones VHF/UHF transmitting Radio 24 hrs satellite tracking App and web based tracking

Soma App

Storing revision papers and notes of every subject, from different schools in the app. We put pieces of advice on how to revise in a smart way.


People in remote areas can now get access to talk to loved ones for there is solar power to charge there phones. People can move around without chargers and power banks

Tamash Project

We buy tamarind from the local residents. This empowers them economically to get food which reduces food insecurity.

Moder fodder cutter

Our machine is a 5 in 1 and serves the following functions. It has a store for storing grass from the farm for use by livestock after being cut. It has cutting blade for cutting grass which is then fed to animals. It has a spring balance which enables the farmer to know the amount of grass eaten by livestock. It has a drinking trough with a conductor which when there is no water, the floater fitted sinks and completes the circuit thus making the motor to run and let water in. It has a battery for storing solar energy from the solar panel which can be used as a substitute in case of shortage of electricity to run the machine

Multy spider excavator

Our machine is a 6 in 1 fuel free and serves the following functions: It has an excavator arm to scoop soil and carry heavy stones, it can also make trenches in the farm It has a crane arm to lift heavy loads from one point to the other. It can be used by Kenya power to fix their electricity posts. It has a bulldozer which functions to lift and push loads to keep Way It has a drill which makes bore holes and can also be used to drill toilet holes in schools. It has a crusher which is used to crush hard stones in the process of road construction. It has a fork arm which collects rubbish or unwanted materials while in operation.

Accident Free

After we went through the statistics provided by NTSA about accidents we came up with a brilliant idea ,to make a device; Okoamaisha-kit that will; 1.Alerts traffic unit about drunken road users by giving a signal to them. 2.The device is placed on the dash board such that when the car has got faulty tyres ,system malfunctions ,poor brake system it lights dim and when the car is okay it lights on

Tech Learn

This is an application software that enables a student to watch videos of both teachers and students explaining educational concepts. Learn-Mate helps a student to access an alternative source of information based on the same concept. This will enable a student understand the concept fully. An aid to academic excellence