Incubated Startups


Builds modern farming solutions that increase farmers crop efficiency & production. Among the products is farm Shield.  The FarmShield ends the uncertainty about your farm’s health by monitoring its performance 24/7. Using off-grid sensors that measure different parameters, data about your farm is sent from smart farm sensors to our cloud where Syneffa analyzes and send you real-time alerts and advice via SMS, email or the app. This includes;

  • Automatic water regulation
  • Instant SMS alerts from farm sensors
  • Powered by solar = 24/7 farm monitoring



Easytech Farm Solutions Limited is the brain child of Marisellah Moraa Okioma who began a hydroponic fodder project on climate smart agricultural technologies with the aim of developing an innovation for agro-pastoralists in Kajiado County to overcome challenges of fodder availability for their livestock due to climatic hazards. Easy Tech is supporting the introduction of Hydroponic farming as a small-scale business idea for improving food supply, health conditions, local economy and environmental sustainability altogether for a group of 30 women in Burkina Faso.


GenePlus is at the forefront of modern and advanced agricultural technologies that enhance on-farm best practices and support sustainable agricultural production. GenePlus is  leading the way in Dairy & Beef Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Udder Care, Farm Hygiene & Biosecurity, and Animal Identification & Traceability

Afya Boost

Afya Boost is a Nutritional company that provides an alternative solution to immunodeficiency in people using innovative fortified flour which boosts immunity hence protecting the body against infections.

It is led by Mr Boniface who has won global awards and showcased on local television.  


Darasa is a haven that embraces the current age and revolutionizes the way students learn and study for their exams in preparation for higher education and what comes after. They provide an infrastructure that Students can login and access educational resources at an affordable fee.

UD Tech Farms

UD Tech Farms is an innovative device that tests soil PH and nutrient analysis with a feature on auto irrigation management system. Useful for rural farmers who suffer from crop loss yearly due to poor soils and inability to find out soil chemistry as current systems very expensive and only available in towns.

Ndovu Care

Ndovu care is a standard and well-equipped elephant tracking company that offers basic product and services such as the gadget itself for tracking, the installation of the elephant tracking device, servicing of the elephant tracking device and other related training, advisory and consultancy services.


Techskilld is an agile tech company that offers simple, customized and viable SaaS Products & Services implemented with our unique state-of-a-art cloud technology and compelling experience which will give our clients the total possible satisfaction