Cashew Nut Project

Cashew Nut Project

Kwale | Kilifi | Lamu

Cashew Nut Project

Funded by the European Union, Slovak Aid and Norad. Sote Hub in partnership with Grow Fairly LTD and Integra Foundation is supporting the revival of Commercial Cashew nut farming in the counties of Kwale, Kilifi and Lamu.

We distribute grafted cashew seedlings to schools, support them form agro clubs, empower them with exciting opportunities in agriculture and agro value chains. All these efforts are geared toward youth inclusion in Agriculture.

Project Implementation Progress

  • 172 schools onboarded in the 3 counties of Kwale, Lamu & Kilifi against a target of 150.
  • 120,000 seedlings distributed.
  • 1610 teachers (agro club patrons) trained- 700 Female, 910 Male (43% women).
  • 16,311 students trained through project based learning and opportunities in agro value chains.
  • Students have formed agro-clubs.
  • Schools have been issued a copy of the Cashew nut handbook and the students are taking the newly learnt agronomic skills to parents and other siblings at home.
  • We are seeing a seedling success rate of up to 70%.
  • Schools started to harvest cashew in the last quarter of 2022 and schools are projected to gain extra income selling the nuts to project partner Grow Fairly Limited, a processor and exporter of cashew and macadamia.

To the students benefiting, "Study smart and be brave when great opportunities are offered to you."

Her Excellency Ambassador KatarĂ­na Leligdonova

Slovak Ambassador to Kenya

Our Impact

  • Youth Inclusion in Agro-value chains - Green jobs.
  • Schools become models for learning within the community.
  • Alternative source of income for schools to ensure sustainability of learning.
  • Revival of cashew farming in the Coast
  • Afforestation & climate change mitigation strategies
  • Agro value addition

Project information

  • Category Agriculture
  • Client Funded by the European Union, Slovak Aid and Norad.
  • Location Kwale, Kilifi, Lamu
  • Project date March, 2021
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