Internet Safe Kenya

Internet Safe Kenya

Baringo | Kilifi | Kwale | Nakuru | Taita Taveta

Internet Safe Kenya (ISK) Project

Internet Safe Kenya was an online safety project addressing online safety in a holistic way incorporating children/youth, their parents and teachers in a blended online and physical training.

The main goal of the project was to equip 7000 learners with the most recent tools and approaches to stay/work online, safely and in the long term they become trainers of trainers. What’s unique about our model is that the first cohort of 3,500 trained students (35 students per school), were empowered and supported to form Google Digital Clubs and trained other 3,500 fellow students within the year engagement with their teachers playing mentor roles.

The training gave the educators the tools and methods necessary to teach digital safety and citizenship fundamentals in the classroom/home.

700 teachers were trained on modern project-based learning methods using Google platforms and tools; and to enhance their understanding of STEM and business education for students. Over 7,000 Students in Google Digital Clubs were trained on using Google Tools for innovative projects and supported to form start-ups. A total of 250 innovative ideas were generated.

Our Impact

  • Safe internet use becomes the norm for teens and youth who grow into responsible citizens influencing and impacting positively.
  • Reduction in cybercrime including hate crimes, sex trafficking, bullying, extremist groups, financial crimes.
  • More students venture into STEM courses and contribute to Kenya’s development goals of more jobs in STEM and technology.

Project information

  • Category Digitization
  • Client Impact Amplifier and Google
  • Location Baringo, Kilifi, Kwale, Nakuru, Taita Taveta
  • Project date July, 2021
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