Livestock Value Chain Projects

Livestock Value Chain Projects

Livestock Value Chain Projects

Some of our entrepreneurs in the livestock industry include:

  1. Geneplus Global
  2. GenePlus Breeders Kenya Ltd focuses on agricultural input supplies, enhancing on-farm best practices, and introducing sustainable agricultural technologies. The company uses digital technology solutions to enhance traceability in livestock food production systems. This digitized system includes ear tagging devices that embed data in RFID's and an app used in conjunction with the tagging devices to capture data, making it available to all actors in the value chain. The electronic ear tags and other field equipment capture animal ownership, movement, health, and health interventions, providing full product traceability. Through the app, farmers can request information and training on topics they need, and clients can access product availability through a platform with accurate forecasting due to the comprehensive animal traceability data.

    Sote Hub conducted business development focused on marketing linkage and innovation in the livestock sector. Sote Hub supported technology design, prototyping, testing and launch for IOT enabled ear tag for livestock tracking.

  3. Nyamone Sted Enterprises
  4. Located in Mtwapa, Kilifi, Nyamone Sted Enterprises, founded by Jackline Tindika, is a leader in the livestock industry, in particular poultry,fish and goats. Supporting sustainable farming, Nyamone Sted Enterprises offers Black Soldier Flies for livestock feed and composting. They also supply high-quality chickens and goats, ensuring robust livestock options for their customers. Additionally, the company delivers fresh, locally sourced vegetables grown through organic farming practices, promoting healthy and eco-friendly produce. It's wholistic smart.

  5. Millimag Rabbit Farm
  6. Sote Hub also Supported Millimag Rabbits Farm, who are producers of rabbit breeds, rabbit meat, sausages, bunny burgers, mocky shoes, and organic fertilizer. Millimag has over 2000 rabbits, also supporting farmers in Horticulture and Organic farming. Through this program, Millimag Rabbits Farm underwent a series of tailored training sessions, both BDS and technical, covering diverse topics such as business planning, rabbit husbandry techniques, organic fertilizer production, and sustainable horticulture practices. These training activities resulted in a remarkable 30% increase in rabbit meat production, exceeding industry standards. Furthermore, Millimag achieved a 50% reduction in chemical pesticide usage through the adoption of organic farming methods (use of rabbit urine as fertilizer and pesticide) , enhancing environmental sustainability while ensuring premium-quality produce. Additionally, the farm saw a 20% rise in sales of value-added products like sausages and bunny burgers, indicating strong market demand and consumer acceptance.

  7. Taitan Farm
  8. Taitan Farm, an agri-business company located in Kenya's Taita Taveta region, specializes in various agricultural activities including poultry farming, pig farming, dairy farming, agricultural technology, and training, with processing subsidiaries for milk, honey, and potato crisps. The farm operates across multiple sectors: Dairy Farming, over 45 high-yield dairy cattle and serving as a training center for dairy best practices; Beef Farming, managing a ranch with 60 Zebu breeds for beef production; Poultry Farming, housing indigenous and improved chicken breeds, operating a hatchery producing various chicks for sale, and rearing geese, turkeys, Pekins, and ducks; Pig Farming, maintaining 30 pigs of different breeds for local sale; Bull Fattening, with 20 bulls fattened for breeding and beef purposes; and Goat Farming, housing 300 Galla goats for beef production. Additionally, the farm operates the Taitan Farm Training Centre, collaborating with numerous organizations to offer agricultural training and capacity building to farmers, youths, and women, including hosting an annual summit focused on agribusiness knowledge exchange.

  9. Dream Doers - Azolla Feeds
  10. Dream Doers Investment Ltd, based in Kilifi, Kenya, is a climate-smart agribusiness focused on sustainable agricultural solutions. The company offers innovative products like vertical farm bags, bucket irrigation kits, Azolla seeds, and greenhouse installations. They specialize in Azolla cultivation, a highly nutritious aquatic plant used as livestock feed, which is easy to grow and environmentally beneficial. Dream Doers also provides training and consultancy services to promote sustainable farming practices among rural farmers in Kenya, aiming to enhance agricultural productivity and climate resilience.

  11. Zuri Feeds
  12. Zuri Feeds, a project by Sea Ventures based in Bamburi, Mombasa County, transforms fish waste into high-quality animal feeds and fertilizers. Founded by marine biologist Faith Mwende, the startup addresses significant fish waste issues by collaborating with local fish industry stakeholders. Established in January 2023, Zuri Feeds has created prototypes and aims to meet Kenya Bureau of Standards requirements. The company also engages in community development, providing training in farming practices. With various awards and partnerships, Sea Ventures is set to scale production and create more local jobs.

Project information

  • Category Livestock Value chain
  • Client Coopen
  • Location Kenya
  • Project date 2021 - 2023
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Our Livestock Experts

Dr. Chris Silali

Founder & CEO at Geneplus Global Limited

He has contributed to agricultural business development, value chain enhancement, and market creation for over eight years. He has worked with successful private and donor-funded investments, playing an integral role in determining major outcomes. His experience spans diverse regions, from ASAL areas to fertile agricultural wetlands, including a role as a Dairy Consultant for the EADD Program in Kenya.

Dr. Manono Kashindi

Trainer Livestock Value Chains | Lecturer Pwani University - Head of Agricultural Sciences Department

Has a BSC in Animal Production and MSc in Animal Nutrition. He has also done Courses in Value chain development and incubation from the Netherlands. He has training in curriculum development from Egerton University and Runs a Feed mill and a dairy processing farm in Kilifi. He is the Assistant Manager ENABLE YOUTH INCUBATION CENTRE. He is a Trainer with UNES (University of Nairobi Enterprise Services) – Where he Trains on dairy and poultry. He is a Lecturer at Pwani University where he trains degree students in Animal Nutrition, Dairy processing, Animal HEALTH, Cell biology and genetics, animal breeding, etc. He’s been lecturing for 10 years.