From Waste to Work

From Waste to Work Project


From Waste to Work

The From Waste to Work project, financed by the IKEA Foundation, is implemented by VSO in partnership with Taka Taka Solutions (TTS) and Stichting International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI). Sote Hub has been sub-contracted by VSO to employ and manage community volunteers in Mombasa to help implement project activities and achieve the project’s goals.


Empower vulnerable youth in Mombasa by creating sustainable jobs through waste recovery and value addition, fostering green entrepreneurship, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Project objectives

  • Strengthening Green Youth-Led Start-Ups: Empowering young entrepreneurs to create decent jobs through waste recovery and value addition.
  • Creating Sustainable Livelihoods: Ensuring vulnerable youth in the waste sector build successful enterprises and earn a sustainable living income.
  • Environmental Impact: Collecting 6,000 tonnes of waste and saving 4,000 tonnes of emissions by the end of the project.
  • Market Linkages: Expanding market demand and developing connections to formal finance and business networks.

Targeted beneficiaries

Vulnerable youth in Mombasa, particularly those involved in the waste sector. This includes young entrepreneurs looking to start or grow green businesses, with a focus on those who are unemployed or underemployed. The project aims to create decent job opportunities, especially for marginalized groups, including young women, who make up 60% of the intended beneficiaries. Additionally, the project engages waste pickers and collectors, providing them with training and support to build sustainable livelihoods through waste recovery and value addition activities.

Roles of community volunteers

  • Community Engagement: Mobilizing and organizing youth into business clubs for training.
  • Business Support: Assisting in the development of business plans and linking entrepreneurs to seed funding opportunities.
  • Market Linkages: Facilitating connections between green entrepreneurs and recyclers, manufacturers, and other market players.

Expected Outcomes by December 2024

  • Youth Empowerment: 1,200 young people in Mombasa will be part of youth business clubs with improved livelihoods.
  • Job Creation: 300 green youth-led start-ups will create decent jobs for marginalized young people, with 60% being young women.
  • Environmental Benefits: Significant reduction in waste through increased collection and recycling efforts, contributing to overall environmental sustainability.

Project information

  • Category Climate Smart
  • Client VSO
  • Location Mombasa
  • Project date February - December 2024
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