We can Work Project

We can Work Project

Nairobi | Kibwezi

We can work Project

Sote Hub has been contracted to implement the Business Development component for the We Can Work program, led by Light for the World (LFTW) in collaboration with the African Disability Forum (ADF) and Crosswise Works (CWW). Participants, mainly young women (60%) and men (40%) with disabilities, are chosen by national Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) and overseen by the WCW Academy Coordinator. in Kenya, the project is being implemented in Nairobi and Kibwezi Counties


Equip young people with disabilities with leadership skills, support inclusive Young Africa Works programs, and provide specialized skills training for dignified work.

Key Outcomes

  1. Empowerment and Inclusion

    The We Can Work Academy offers core life skills, technical, entrepreneurship, and leadership training. Youth-driven co-creation processes will develop scalable, inclusive solutions.

  2. Employment and Entrepreneurship

    The program supports young people in forming start-ups and agribusinesses, growing enterprises, and accessing jobs. This includes linking them to entrepreneurship opportunities, seed capital, markets, work placements, and assistive technology.

  3. Inclusive Programs

    In-country Disability Inclusion Advisory Teams will support inclusive budgeting and programming. A network of Disability Inclusion Facilitators will coach and support disability inclusion across various sectors.

  4. Advocacy

    The program will boost the representation of young people with disabilities and engage them in policy dialogues with key national and regional actors.

  5. Grants

    The entrepreneurs will receive milestone-based funding to support their business growth and development. Disbursed in stages, this funding is contingent upon achieving specific performance targets within the Incubation Program. This approach ensures the effective use of funds, fosters sustainable growth, and encourages accountability and continuous progress.

About the Donor

The Mastercard Foundation is a global philanthropic organization established in 2006 with a mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion to catalyze prosperity in developing countries, particularly in Africa. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Foundation leverages partnerships with nonprofits, educational institutions, and private sector organizations to create scalable and sustainable solutions that empower young people, especially women and marginalized communities. Its flagship initiative, the Young Africa Works strategy, aims to enable 30 million young Africans to secure dignified and fulfilling work by 2030. Through a combination of education, skills training, and entrepreneurship support, the Mastercard Foundation strives to foster inclusive growth and bridge economic disparities, thereby contributing to a more equitable world.

Project information

  • Category We can Work Project
  • Client Mastercard
  • Location Nairobi | Kibwezi
  • Project date 2024 - 2030